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чай WHITTARD листовой зелёный Sencha #780 50 пак.*2.5 г

16,00 BYN бел.руб.

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Приверженцы зелёного чая переходят к сенче... Go green, with our signature Sencha green tea, selected for its strength, subtle sweetness and rich, refreshing taste. We've sourced our high quality Sencha from China, where the technique of steaming the leaves to stop the oxidation process first originated. A good Sencha will have all the dewy freshness of a bright spring morning and a slightly savoury smoothness - a little like steamed green mange-tout, generously coated in melted butter. Known to be high in antioxidants, green tea has found fame as a cure-all health elixir: reputed to boost weight loss, reduce cholesterol, and combat all sorts of ailments. Far too often, green tea is over-brewed, becoming tannic and bitter. The trick is to brew the tea lightly, allowing the boiled water to cool for about five minutes before pouring. The result is a lush, verdant brew which beats a bowl of broccoli any day. 
Вид чая:
Зелёный и маття
Количество пакетиков:
50 шт.
Вес :
125 г

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